A Sacramento Reader Explains Why His Tax Revenues Are Plunging
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From: Bob Gillespie (e-mail him)

My local Sacramento Bee, well known to VDARE.COM readers as an unqualified lover of illegal immigrants, recently published a story about declining sales tax revenues in surrounding counties. (Sales Tax Revenues Plummet in in Sacramento Region, by Loretta Kalb, Sacramento Bee, April 14, 2010)

While much of the reason is obviously less spending in California's distressed economy, reporter Kalb (e-mail her) omitted key facts.

Millions of illegal aliens in the San Joaquin Valley work under the table and pay no tax on their wages. Those who earn a paycheck do not spend it in California (which would generate more sales tax) but instead send it back to Mexico—remittances.

And because they are illegal aliens, they are treated like a privileged class and still receive free medical care, welfare and a host of other services on which they pay no tax.

Gillespie lives in Yolo County, near Sacramento.

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