A Virginia Reader Writes On Richard Spencer Being Banned From The UK By Theresa May
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

In early July 2016, Richard Spencer, a prominent leader of the Alternative Right, was notified by Britain’s Home Office that he was banned indefinitely from travel to Britain because of the “British government's measures for excluding or deporting extremists under the Unacceptable Behaviour policy”. This fatwa was signed by Theresa May, who was Home Secretary from May 2010 to July 2016. [Exiled,By Richard B. Spencer, Radix Journal, July 14, 2016]

During May’s reign as Home Secretary who runs the Home Office (which is responsible for immigration), it allowed the re-entry of former ISIS fighters to Britain who are essentially war criminals, so her actions and rationale were beyond hypocritical. So because of May’s cowardly fealty to Political Correctness and Islam, the murderous “Jihadi John” and his ilk are judged to be less of a threat to the nation than the erudite Richard Spencer!

“At least one in four of the estimated 2,000 foreigners fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq is British(sic)—and half of those are already back in the UK, it has emerged today.”

The homegrown jihadists fighting for ISIS: How one in four foreigners who have signed up for Islamic State is British - and how half of them are ALREADY back in the UK , By Martin Robinson, MailOnline August 21, 2016

Richard Spencer has never advocated violence. At the March 2016 NPI conference in Washingon D.C., he specifically advised us not to get into confrontations with the Social Justice Warriors/ special snowflake demonstrators out front. He is being persecuted for his thoughts alone, which run contrary to the programmatic de-nationalization of Britain and the replacement of its native peoples.

Why did the Home Office pull the trigger on Spencer at this time? It is probable the Home Office has a number of Alt-Right, European peoples’ advocates, nationalists, immigration patriots, etc. on their shortlist to be banned and is testing how far they can go.

Theresa May and the other sociopathic globalists have as their objective the suppression of trans-national coordinated resistance by the European peoples to their displacement.

The restrictions on Richard Spencer are more evidence of a now-open war on the European people’s rights to think and express freely with regards to their survival. These rights must not be lost.

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