A Florida Reader Reports A Useful Phrase From Scott Adams: "Diversity Ceiling"
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From: Delmar Jackson [Send him mail]

I was reading Scott Adams’s new book, How To Fail at Everything and Still Win Big, which I liked and recommend and I came across a very useful phrase I have never heard anyone use, not even Steve Sailer. The phrase is "diversity ceiling." Adams can best describe what he thinks diversity ceiling means in one of his blog posts:

A few years later, still working for that large bank, my boss informed me that there wasn’t enough gender and ethnic diversity in management and so there was no hope for a white male like me to get promoted in the foreseeable future. So I looked for another job and left….

Then I went to work at the local phone company, Pacific Bell, and as most of you know, I hit the diversity ceiling again. My boss told me in direct language that a white male could not be promoted into their all-white-guy management ranks because now the public was watching. But I didn’t stay and fight the system because I didn’t think it was winnable. That’s when I started pursuing some entrepreneurial ideas. One of them was Dilbert. [VDARE.com Note: Celebrity Net Worth says Scott Adams is worth  $75 million: “And yeah, the vast majority of that net worth is Dilbert money.”]

Loser Choices  October 31st, 2014

I think diversity ceiling is a term that needs to enter the linguistic landscape, as we know if a word or phrase does not exist for something then society will treat it as invisible.

Adams also has some good points in his blog post about the way society can be changed (and when it can't) that might be useful for immigration patriots.

I am also seeing Scott Adams making very informed arguments about the wisdom of Trump and how the media is not understanding what Trump is doing and why it is working in a way that makes me think he has also not swallowed the multiculti Kool-Aid. Since I think he lives in Berkeley, California that makes Adams pretty amazing.

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