A Virginia Reader Says "Republicanism" Betrayed Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo—Not Immigration Reform Patriots
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From: Bucktowndusty (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "He Can't Win": How Immigration Reform Patriots Betrayed Duncan Hunter (And Tom Tacredo)

I disagree with Guzzardi's thesis.

Immigration reform patriots did not betray anybody. "Republicanism" did however.

I never gave money to political candidates before this year when I donated repeatedly to Tancredo. Many of my friends did also.

But the two party system has a strangle hold on peoples' fears. So people are convinced, incorrectly, that they have to vote for someone who "can win."

Another factor to consider: Groups like VDARE.COM and NumbersUSA, two organizations to which I donate, cannot support immigration reform candidates because of their tax exempt status forbids it.

That makes focused support on behalf of candidates sympathetic to our issue.more difficult.

Immigration reform is on everyone's mind, even liberals. The two-party system and the loyalty it breeds can't last forever.

Bucktowndusty blogs here.

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