Two Readers Differ On Third Parties
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Re: A Veteran Immigration Reform Reader Says "No!" To Third Parties

Mike Mozart writes from Chicago, Illinois:

While I've been in favor of a mostly one issue, third party for many years, Don Reynolds opinion does have some merit. Siphoning off the few real pro-American politicians in both parties could do more harm than good, leaving the two main parties without a voice for our side

Yet, can we win with the two "one party" system now in place? Or do we take our chances with a third party and  crawl before we're able to walk?

Will it be too late by the time a third party reaches any significant power? Or will Americans flock to a party that puts their interests ahead of Big Business and Latino special interest groups?

Questions, questions, questions

On another note, I do disagree with one assertion Mr. Reynolds makes, that the illegals will self deport when the job opportunities disappear.

Why would the illegals go back home to no job and no government support (welfare) when they can stay in our country and get free health care and free schooling for their children, not too mention the other taxpayer goodies our "benevolent" government hands to them on a silver platter?

Another (anonymous) writer on the same subject:

I have been a life long Conservative/Republican. I am sorry to say it is time for a THIRD PARTY! I am fed up with both parties! Illegal immigration, open borders, America hating, the Secular Progressive movement, when I think about my country and what it is about to become I want to PUKE! Please Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchanan—think about it.

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