A North Carolina Reader Reviews "30 Days"
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From:  [Name Withheld]

Re: Frank Jorge's Column: 30 Days With Illegal Aliens—And A Fabricated Conversation

I watched the Fox TV Network special "30 Days" last week featuring Frank, the Cuban Minuteman, living with Mexican illegal aliens in Los Angeles for 30 days.

I would like to make two technical consultant-type observations about this piece as it relates to Frank's 2-3 day visit to the Mexican hometown of this alien.

First, the house in Mexico currently occupied by the relatives of the LA family had cockroaches in it and the camera crew made special focusing efforts on them.  But virtually all occupied structures in the tropics below a certain altitude have cockroaches—even the Presidential Palace-it is just a fact of life.  You deal with it and try to keep them out of your food stocks.

And regarding the brick, roofless hovel in the middle of a field where the alien family lived twelve years ago, it looks like a real sorry dump now. But if you leave any structure unattended in Latin America for more than ten days, it will be invaded by thieves, vandals, and squatters. 

What happens after twelve years is anybody's guess.

The writer was a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America from 1978-1980.

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