A CO Reader Says Alien Criminals Should Serve Their Hard Time In Mexico
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03/02/10 - A Kansas Reader Explains Why An Immigration Moratorium Is Urgently Needed

From: Tika Cook (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Crosswalk Killer Sentenced In Colorado

Grandmother killer Alberto Alvarado-Barojas is typical of many of the drunken driving illegal alien cases Walker has written about before: the perpetrators are previously convicted of the same crime, some once-deported and all non-English speaking.

Why should American taxpayers have to subsidize their relatively comfortable lives in the U.S penal system, with its flat screen televisions and exercise programs?

In a more perfect world, these remorseless illegal aliens would be sent back to Mexico to serve time in the local prisons—which are, by all accounts, the dankest, most dangerous in the world.

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