A U.S. Army Major (Ret.) and Arizona Judge (Ret.) Says Bloomberg Is Bad News
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From: Robert Berger Lynch (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Obama and Hillary's Pro-Illegal Record May Keep Them Out Of The White House

Michael Bloomberg, possible presidential aspirant, is another liberal who believes we are all so stupid that we need him to direct our total lives.

Mayor Bloomberg once stated that the Manhattan economy would collapse without the 500,000 illegals in the city. What else does anyone need to know do about this ultra-left-wing, hate-America globalist?

Not only is Bloomberg bad on immigration but also his stance opposing private firearm ownership is outrageous.

After 47 years in California, 15 as a liquid rocket engine designer and 32 years as a sole practitioner attorney in Sacramento, we took our money, guns and pensions and left the California sewer to the poor saps that still don't know what hit them.

Gov. Schwarzenegger, along with Mexican-dominated legislature, has destroyed the California economy. Just look at Los Angeles, a foreign third world city.

Berger graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a B.S. in Marine Engineering and earned his Juris Doctor from the Mc George School of Law. He worked with Paul Gann to pass California's Proposition 13 and now lives in Palominas, AZ, two miles from the border.

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