An Illinois Reader Thanks Scruggs For His Service; Agrees With Him That McCain Is A Disaster On Immigration
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01/18/08 - A U.S. Army Major (Ret.) and Arizona Judge (Ret.) Says Bloomberg Is Bad News

From: Bob Hunter (e-mail him)

Re: Mike Scruggs Column: A Southerner, Decorated War Veteran Looks At John McCain

I agree with Scruggs 100 percent that John McCain is no good on the immigration issue.

In my home state of Illinois, uncontrolled immigration is making a mess of things. Conditions are unbelievable around here. It used to be that immigrants were pressured, sometimes harshly, to assimilate. Now we have to stand by and accept a Mexican colony in our midst because we have to function as a jobs/welfare office for the Mexican failed nation.

McCain would only exacerbate the situation.

And by the way, thanks to Scruggs for his military service. People like him who did their duty should be proud.  It's the politicians who make the bad decisions that get brave people into needless wars.

I was 18 years old in 1970 and I was in the draft lottery for one-year. Thankfully I got a high number. I do not want my 13-year-old son to have to grow up to face another useless war.

Hunter is employed by an Illinois state social services agency.

Scruggs replies: McCain is the immigration issue of the hour. His presidency would be a nation-destroying disaster both as the result of excess immigration and his demonstrated proclivity to act aggressively without thinking.

In his Bismarckian thinking, McCain is the closest approximation we have to a psychological reincarnation of General W.T. Sherman.

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