A North Carolina Reader Notes That Tax Payers Are Funding Hispanic "Native Language and Culture"
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The summer session 2006 course catalog from Alamance Community College located in Graham, N.C. landed in my mailbox today. 

Page 11 offers this: "!NUEVO! Cursos En Espanol." 

One particular class stood out to me. The following is a translation of the Spanish continuing education course description

STEP: Systematic Training To Be Effective Parents (in    Spanish)  STEP offers you a simple route to develop a better parent-child relationship.  Parents will learn to better understand the behavior and emotions of a child, how to strengthen the child's self-esteem, and how to speak more effectively with them.  Other subjects of the course include dealing with U.S. school systems' expectations of parents, WHILE MAINTAINING NATIVE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE.  (Emphasis added.)

This course is recommended for parents, teachers, and childcare workers.

VDARE.COM note: ACC President Dr. Martin H. Nadelman can be contacted here

Joe Guzzardi comments: "Parenting" classes are all the rage in California public education. But I have to wonder if instruction on how to be a loving, nurturing and effective parent shouldn't come before couples marry and have their children and not after the fact.

Better late than never, I suppose, but in my adult classes, where the average parent's age is 35 and the number of children is four, the horses are already out of the barn.

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