A Whistleblower Recalls The Fraud-Ridden 1986 Amnesty
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From:  [Name Withheld]

The fraud in the 1986 Amnesty was huge and could have easily been stopped by the Reagan Administration

Instead, the White House forced its political appointees to push career INS managers to remove fraud safeguards

Adjudicators were given quotas of how many petitions to approve. Managers were later rewarded for being able to process a certain applications.  An adjudicator could open a file, stamp it approved, close the file and move on.  This was done without reading the name on the immigrant application or reviewing the file.

There are many stories about immigration fraud and sadly, almost all of them are true.

I was working overtime at the Calexico, California Port of Entry when a fifty plus years of age female drove a very expensive luxury car into my inspection lane.  She was obviously a wealthy, had not done any manual labor for many years, if ever. 

She presented a temporary amnesty card that she had received for allegedly working in agriculture. I questioned her about the card and her apparent lack of fieldwork background. She laughed it off as a joke and said that everybody was doing it.

When we legalized these aliens in 1986, we used the partial justification that they were doing work that American citizens would not do.

What happened after they received legal residence status? Now these once illegal aliens are permanent residents or citizens. They have moved on to better paying jobs.

Other illegal aliens replaced them.

And the cycle goes on and on.

Joe Guzzardi comments: In other words, the adjudicators are compensated like commissioned sales representatives? The more forms you process, the higher your bonus.

That explains the telephone calls I got from INS during the 1986 amnesty instructing me to overlook the lack of English speaking skills my adult students were required to demonstrate as part of their green card process.

I was told in no uncertain terms to sign the official form attesting that they had satisfied the language and civics provision…even though they had not.

Read the whole story here.

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