A Texas Reader Says Immigrants Deported From Japan Cannot "Wade Back"
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05/03/09 - An Idaho Reader Says There Is No "Back Of The Line"

From: Claudia Anderson (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: An Arkansas Reader Recommends The U.S. Adopt Japan's Policy: Pay Workers To Go Home

Letter writer Charles Rowe is supremely naïve if he thinks that illegal aliens deported from the U.S. would keep their promise not to come back in exchange for a cash up front buy out. [Japan Pays Foreign Workers to Go Home—Forever, by Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times, April 22, 2009]

The most enterprising among aliens deported from America would return immediately, produce another false identity, and get paid again to leave again. Only the number of bogus identities they could create would limit the number of illegal entries they'd make.

Unlike conditions in Texas where the Rio Grande beckons, in Japan thousands of miles of ocean prevent immigrants from returning. But slipping back into the U.S. has been proven, over and over, to be the proverbial piece of cake.

Good grief!

Anderson is a designer-goldsmith and the former copy editor and features-writer for her local newspaper, the San Angelo Standard-Times. Her previous letters about Lou Dobbs and illegal alien voters in Texas are here and here.  Anderson's husband is a former sheriff of Tom Green County where San Angelo is located.

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