An Idaho Reader Says There Is No "Back Of The Line"
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From: Janice Cook (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Schumer Holds Rigged Sub-Committee Meetings. Joe Still Not Alarmed

Schumer and his pro-immigration Senate colleagues always promise that amnestied aliens will "learn English" and go to the "back of the line."

Former California English as a Second Language instructor Joe Guzzardi has debunked Schumer's first statement in his many columns, most importantly this one.

And as for going to the "back of the line", that's impossible because the line is billions of people long.

Nigerian Hannah Ndubuisi who received her citizenship in 2007, told NPR:

"Everybody in the world—I don't know if you know this—wants to come to the United States of America. All you need to do is go to the embassy, any embassy, and see long, long lines of people who want to come here."

Plenty of law-abiding people around the world want to come to the U. S. There's no need to grant amnesty or legalization to lawbreakers.

Let's institute E-Verify on a wide-scale basis to weed out illegal aliens over time by means of attrition through enforcement.

Cook is a stockbroker for a regional brokerage firm that, as of the close of business Friday, is still solvent. Her previous letter posing a financial history quiz to Barack Obama and John McCain is here.

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