A Reader Says Greeley Identity Thieves Prove The Need For Secure ID
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Re: James Fulford's  Victims of Identity Theft In Greeley, Colorado Case

A Reader Writes:

This is another example of why we need to go to a system of Secure Biometric ID.  No exceptions. All branches of our Government, State, Federal, and Local should issue and accept only secure biometric machine readable ID. 

It is common knowledge that illegals use phony social security cards and phony green cards and then lie on the I-9 to satisfy the documentation problem. Once everyone, illegals included, are required to prove their documents (or undocuments) are real several things will immediately happen. First, it will become impossible to get a job. Second, anyone who tries to commit fraud will be submitting a fingerprint thereby anchoring their identity which is prima-facie evidence of fraud in case the Government decides to prosecute. Even if they don't prosecute their finger prints will be on file in an electronic data base in case they every resurface. This would include getting another type of documentation, a job, criminal checks, travel, financial transactions, or receive Government benefits including applying for permanent residence or citizenship. They are screwed. Lastly, the illegal market for phony documents will dry up forever. They will be useless.

The La Raza/Mecha /hate lobby feeds off of large deportations. They try to twist the deportations into the Nazis sending people to Buchenwald as a PR stunt. This is one more reason they will fight tooth and nail to keep this from ever happening. There will be no photo op, only millions of individuals who will eventually self deport.

The technology for making secure biometric ID a reality is already here. Whether or not anyone likes it or not it will become as common as air. The question is whether we into this kicking and screaming or willingly.

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