A Texas Reader Says America Is Not "Free For The Taking"
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From: Don Reynolds (e-mail him)

Re: Ralph Griffin's Column: Reconquista in Texas vs. California—And The Need To Coerce GOP Pols

Bravo to fellow Texan Ralph Griffin, whose column I enjoyed very much.

I recently escaped from Austin after living there ten years, so I appreciated Griffin's analysis even if, based on my own experiences, I do not totally agree.

What's missing from Griffin's article, and all similar ones, are the words "if we do nothing" about illegal immigration.

Americans are not going to do nothing while we sink into the muck. 

The United States is a free country. We all say so. Everyone in the world seems to know it, too.

And that's part of the immigration problem today.

Millions throughout the world believe America is free for the taking to anyone who wanders in with his hand outstretched.

That's the misconception we need to correct. 

Reynolds is a city planner and economist. His previous letters about bias in journalism, the U.S. enemy identification problems, the folly of a third party and patriotic immigration reform's southern dimension are here, here, here and here.

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