A Texas Reader Remembers When He Tried To Warn His Friends About The Coming Hispanic Invasion
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07/21/10 - A Texas Reader Says America Is Not "Free For The Taking"

From: Gerald Martin (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Blog: Irving, Texas Hit By Hispanic Tidal Wave

Wall's post, which tells of the near ruination of suburban Dallas' public schools by mass Mexican immigration, reminded me of my first encounter with Irving public school teachers several years ago. 

I had recently joined a Dallas discussion group made up of mostly educators. During a heated debate about immigration, after I used the standard Beltway immigration reduction group arguments in favor of drastically reducing legal immigration and deploying the military on the border to stop illegal immigration, I concluded by saying that unless we act quickly, America would be transformed into a non-white, third world nation.

The first response was a shocked silence, followed by their refusal to believe that I had said what I said. 

In other words, the idea that a white person would express racial consciousness (by voicing a desire that the America should remain majority white) was so beyond the group's normal thought-world that they couldn't deal with it. 

So they didn't. No one attacked me, expressed moral outrage or questioned me.  They simply ignored what I said and the conversation quickly swerved as far away from America's demographics as anyone could take it.

But afterwards during a break, two young women Irving high school teachers approached me. They were polite, though they looked at me like two entomologists who have discovered a repulsive but still interesting looking bug. 

They told me that had never heard anyone express ideas like mine and wondered how I developed such outlandish opinions.

I gave them my one minute synopsis of Laurence Auster's Path to National Suicide and Peter Brimelow's, Alien Nation. When we got into a discussion about illegal alien enrollment in schools and they were defensive about their diverse students and claimed to enjoy the challenge.

Time has proven me right, though, especially about illegal aliens flooding the schools.

Next time I see my teacher friends, I'll ask them I'll ask them how things are going in Irving these days even though I know the answer.

[Joe Guzzardi note: According to Census Bureau data, Irving's Hispanic population is 42 percent]

Martin, a former Army officer and high school teacher descended from cowboys, Texas Rangers, and railroad workers, wrote previously about the unfairness of mainstream media immigration reporting.  

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