A Reader Says Mexicans Should Be Sent Home To Start A Revolucion
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A California Reader Is Offended by Chicano History Classes

From: Harvey

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Enough Already About the Mexican-American War and Anthony Lowry's Letter in Response to Guzzardi, A Mexican-American Reader Predicts the Reconquista Is Just A Matter of Time—And He Can't Wait

People are so ignorant and unprepared to debate rationally—they don't even know what it means—that I don't know how you at VDARE.COM do it.

I cannot argue properly with anyone nowadays because emotion is a socially accepted substitute for fact.

If, for example, I had a small child whining about the Mexican-American War like Anthony Lowry does, I would want to send him via FedEx to that cesspool from which his parents escaped.

You know, Mexico!

I think we all know what the American Southwest would look like if it were in Mexico's hands.

I'm starting to think that the people who are trying to help (e.g. English as a Second Language teachers) contribute to the overall problem.

Mexicans who come here illegally should suffer. Then, they might go back to Mexico and demand change there instead of here.

Remember, !Viva la revolucion!


Joe Guzzardi replies:

My column, now three weeks old, and Lowry's response still generate substantial volumes of mail. We'll continue to post letters that reflect both sides of the argument as long as writers offer worthwhile perspectives.

As for the role ESL teachers like myself play in the illegal immigration mess, Harvey may have a valid point. I confess that I wonder about it myself.

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