A Texas Marine Reports More Early Skirmishing In 2009's War Against Christmas
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From: Mary Leverett (e-mail her)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: The War On Christmas 2009: Will "Christmas" Be A "Hate Crime"?

According to a recent report, the U.S. Forest Service has banned Jesus from among the 4,000 decorations being assembled by Arizona children to decorate an 85-foot blue spruce from the state that is scheduled to become the Capitol Christmas Tree.

Fortunately, the Alliance Defense Fund (contact here) has asked Arizona Governor Janice Brewer to stop enforcement on the ban. (Send e-mail to Brewer supporting the ADF here)

The War on Christmas starts earlier every year.

Leverett's opinion about fellow Marine Gen. Peter Pace and his disingenuous immigration views is here. Previous letters she wrote about the Octomom's immigration status, Mychal Bell, multiculturalism gone mad at the Denver Public Library, a local Hispanic school teacher busted for drugs, Somalis who play on your sympathies and Obamacare for illegal aliens are here, here, here, here, here and here.

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