A New York Roman Catholic Says: Disband The Society Of Jesus!
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From: Vincent Chiarello (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Walter Block On His Heresy At Loyola College

I wonder why Block is surprised that his contact with members of the Society of Jesus was unpleasant. He should have anticipated it, especially in light of his experiences at not obtaining tenure at Holy Cross.

A highly critical account of what has happened at institutions of higher learning run by the Society of Jesus—aka the Jesuits—Rev. James T. Burtchaell's The Dying of the Light summarizes the sea change that has taken place in that organization. 

To summarize Burtchaell, a Catholic priest, believes that any connection between the Jesuits and its constituency is purely coincidental.

There is a bit of irony here. In 1990, while assigned to the US Embassy to the Holy See, I attended the 450th anniversary of the founding of the Society held at St. Peter's Cathedral. I watched in amazement as the then Superior-General of the Jesuits, Hans Pieter Kolvenbach, paid very little attention to what was transpiring on the altar. 

I'll go further.

There is no greater evidence of the decline of the Catholic Church since the impact of Vatican II than what has become of the Society of Jesus.

I have not the slightest hesitation in approving the Order be suppressed, as it has been in the past. and indeed disbanded—because, as Block accurately writes, it has been hijacked by the cultural, religious Marxists.

VDARE.COM note: Read Block's account of his Loyola College experience here.

Chiarello is a retired Foreign Service Officer whose tours included U.S. embassies in Latin America and Europe. His last and he says most memorable, assignment was to the US Embassy to The Holy SeeCurrently, he is on the Board of the American National Council for Immigration Reform of northern Virginia, (ANCIR) whose members offered assistance and advice for the people of Herndon during the recent town elections.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Chiarello's real claim to fame is that he still vividly remembers the uniform numbers of post World War II Dodgers. Chiarello's previous letters are archived here.

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