A California Reader Says Forget Official Government Stats To Count Illegal Aliens—Just Turn On The Radio
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From: Don Stewart  (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column:  Schwarzenegger and Navarrette Compare Immigration Reform Patriots To Nazis; Joe Answers Them

Referring to Guzzardi's article and his rough extrapolation of the number of illegal immigrants in California using Department of Education enrollment statistics, I've always wondered what the correlation is between the number of Spanish-language radio stations in a given region is to the number of aliens. 

Sometimes if I'm in a strange city waiting in the car for my wife to finish shopping, I'll scan the AM dial just to get a feel for how many aliens are around me.    

Guzzardi might want to try it in Pittsburgh. I just made a cursory check of Pittsburgh radio stations and guess what?  There aren't any Spanish Language stations.

That will be no surprise to Guzzardi who has often told us that western Pennsylvania is illegal alien-free.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Thanks to Don for his suggestion. Actually, when I drove from Lodi to Los Angeles, a distance of about 365 miles, I could travel the entire San Joaquin County and into LA listening exclusively to Spanish-language stations. As I motored along, I often asked if Merle Haggard didn't once make Bakersfield famous for his music.

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