A Texas Marine Reports Illegal Immigration Central Part Of Obamacare Debate In Houston
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From: Mary Leverett (e-mail her)

I recently attended a Town Hall meeting held by my representative, Congressman Kevin Brady.

Brady promised, to loud applause, that he would not support one dollar of our limited healthcare funds to provide medical attention for illegal aliens.

One young veteran stood up holding an American flag with its blue field down and asked if anyone knew what it meant.

I answered: "We're in distress!" (History note: when under attack, American forts and ships at sea would fly the National Ensign upside down so that the cavalry would know the defenders were under attack.)

The young man enumerated the various programs that illegals abuse, at citizens' expense like medical care, education incarceration instead of deportation. He received more applause than Brady.

So, here in the wilds northeast of Houston, illegal immigration is the central part of the debate.

Leverett's opinion about fellow Marine Gen. Peter Pace and his disingenuous immigration views is here. Previous letters she wrote about the Octomom's immigration status, Mychal Bell, multiculturalism gone mad at the Denver Public Library, a local Hispanic school teacher busted for drugs and Somalis who play on your sympathies are here, here, here, here and here.

Peter Brimelow whines: I still think Obamacare's subsidy to legal immigration is the bigger issue.

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