An American Indian Is Annoyed By Questions About Virginia Dare
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From: Mark Roberts (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: The Thousandth Immigration Enthusiast Asks The Usual Questions About Virginia Dare; Peter Brimelow Answers

I'm annoyed by the question posed by letter writer Teri Nilson Baird about Virginia Dare's immigration status.

I have Cherokee blood (my maternal great grandmother was Cherokee) and my sister is married to an Osage Indian. When I get similar questions from open-border liberals, I reply that, being part Indian, it is a certainty that my ancestors lost their land to the white man.

As an example, I point to the Trail of Tears when the U.S. government relocated the Cherokee from their homelands to Indian Territory in present day Oklahoma.

I then ask if they're willing to return their own property to its "rightful owners" and if so I suggest they go  find an Indian to sign over their land and apologize.

I usually get a mumble or a blank stare.

The silly question about Virginia Dare is asked by silly people like Baird.

Roberts lives in Southern California.

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