A Nebraska High School Student Wants The Diversity Curriculum Out Of His Classroom
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From: Dave (e-mail him)

As a high school junior and a politically active student I am aware of the liberal bias of my teachers and the textbooks our school uses.

Even though I live in an upper middle class, white, suburban neighborhood in a deep red Nebraska, I am shocked at the things allowed in textbooks.

While the writers at VDARE.COM can complain about the pitfalls of "diversity," few have never experienced it first hand.

In my English class we all read from multi-cultural books which tell stories about minorities and empowered women fighting the "White Male System"

In my Advanced Placement U.S. History class, we discuss the white man's evils. Openly offered as fact are statements like "the white man always has to be in power" or "we should enslave white males for payback."

Mind you, these are not statements that come from a minority revolutionary meeting but white students condemning themselves for what they perceive as their ancestors' misdeeds. Much emphasis is also put is put on the fact that all of these white males are Christian, thus spreading the guilt to everyone.

Even standardized tests like the ACT and SAT include "Diversity Education" paragraphs.

Take it from a student: If any issue is pressing, it's an overhaul of the public school system.

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