A Tennessee Reader Is Worried That Illegal Alien-Loving Tyson Foods Will Be Dumping Chicken Droppings In His State
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From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

I nominate Arkansas for "Most Toxic State" in our beleaguered union. 

Not only has Arkansas the given us the illegal immigration loving Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods, the Clintons and Mike Huckabee—now they are literally burying Oklahoma in chicken poop.

The AP reported that a consortium of Arkansas poultry processors, including Tyson Foods, is dumping tons of chicken excrement in neighboring Oklahoma; an amount of "waste" that Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmonson asserts is equal to that produced by 10.7 million humans during a year.[Oklahoma Legal Effort Aims to Halt Spreading of Poultry Litter, Associated Press, February 20, 2008]

Oklahoma is suing to halt Tyson operations. That makes me nervous because I'm afraid the chicken people will simply deposit the "waste" in Tennessee, my home state.   

While we're at it, we should also declare Tyson Foods "America's Most Toxic Company." 

Not content to depress wages by flooding the southern U.S. with Mexicans, Tyson has enlisted Catholic Charities to scour the globe for even more desperate workers in the Marshall Islands, Central America and Africa. Why not, since a federal court threw out this month a law suit charging Tyson with purposely lowering the wages of American workers by hiring illegal aliens?

The results of a marriage between slave traders like Catholic Charities and the corporate bully Tyson are predictable: venereal disease, tuberculosis, leprosy, unwed mothers and anchor babies have skyrocketed in Tyson Foods' hometown, Springdale.  

No wonder former Arkansas Governor and First Lady Bill and Hillary now live in New York.  

Brewer lives in Smyrna where he speculates on stocks and "tries to make sense of the markets and society at large."

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