A Talk Radio Listener Provides An Update On Rubio/Zuckerberg/Gang Of Weasels Propaganda; We Dissect It
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Re: A Talk Radio Listener Reports On The Awfulness Of Marco Rubio's Propaganda (Paid For By Mark Zuckerberg!)

From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

There’s a new pro-amnesty ad, on May 13, 2013. I heard it twice during the last hour of the Limbaugh show and twice in the first hour on Hannity:

[Woman’s voice] Paul Ryan on America’s broken immigration system

[Ryan] Right now we encourage people to break the law, and we punish people who follow the law.

[Man’s voice] Marco Rubio: What we have today is chaos.

[Man’s voice] Conservatives don’t agree on every detail.  

[Woman’s voice] But we know the system has to change.

[Ryan] We have to have a system that people have confidence in. We have to invite people to come out of the shadows. We do not want to have a society where we have different classes of people who cannot reach their American dream.

[Rubio] So let’s secure the border. Let’s bring these people out of the shadows. They’ll undergo a background check. They’ll pay a fine. They’ll start paying taxes. They won’t qualify for federal benefits. We all wish we didn’t have this problem, but we do. And we have to fix it. Because leaving things the way they are–that’s the real amnesty.

[Man’s voice] End de facto amnesty in America. Call Congress. Support serious, conservative reforms.

[Woman’s voice] Paid for by Americans for a Conservative Direction. [VDARE.com note: I. E. Mark Zuckeberg.]

It's slicker than the first ad. Rubio sounds more natural. It contains many of the same lies, but emphasizes "coming out of the shadows", and other lines that must test well with focus groups.

James Fulford writes: I assume that there’s someone from Mark Zuckerberg’s Democratic operation—he’s got two separate front groups— doing the same thing, featuring Schumer. But conservative talk radio listeners are probably not much more impressed by this than our reader is—see Steve Sailer’s Mark Zuckerberg Becoming Face Of The Immigration Bill.

However, for the record:

Paul Ryan's "encourage people to break the law...punish people who follow the law" is from a speech he made to the  City Club of Chicago. [Video | Text]

It's a lie.  What he means by "encouraged to break the law" is corrupt non-enforcement.

What he calls "punishing people who obey" just means not giving them exactly what they want. (Here at VDARE.com we've said that "the law is enforced against those who obey the law," but we're not the Government.)

 Ryan's  Chicago speech included plans for vast increases in legal immigration, a "a workable guest worker program", a " system so that high tech employers can get high tech entrepreneurs". It's total rollover for employers.

The Rubio quote "What we have today is chaos" is from an interview with Fox News. [FOX News’ “America’s Newsroom” , April 25, 2013 ] His second quote, with its promises of "They’ll undergo a background check...pay a fine...start paying taxes...won’t qualify for federal benefits" is from a press conference he held on April 18, 2013.

Again, it's a pack of lies. If you believe that amnestied illegals won't get federal benefits, see Mickey Kaus's Welfare waivers for amnestied immigrants?, May 9, 2013. If you believe that they'll pay taxes, well, the idea that they'll pay back taxes has also been exposed as a fraud by Mickey Kaus, but the idea that illegals who work at minimum wages pay net taxes at all is basically wrong-headed.

Any low  wage worker receives more in government benefits (medical, schooling, et cetera) than he earns, and when tax time comes around, he gets a refund. That's why I wrote "Nancy Pelosi Shouldn't Count To Much On Tax Revenues From The DREAM Act Kids"

But Rubio and Ryan have one legitimate point: a corrupt lack of enforcement has left America with something like a de facto amnesty. No one is being deported.

But the answer to a corrupt de facto amnesty is not a de jure amnesty, it's a program of deportation. And if they, being in the Legislative Branch, find themselves faced with the problem of a Chief Executive who has declared an illegal and unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty, they can impeach him.

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