A Talk Radio Listener Finds A Fifth Zuckerberg Radio Ad—Zuckerberg Isn’t Running Out Of Money (Or Lies) Anytime Soon
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Here’s the Fifth Zuckerberg Radio Ad, heard for the first time on the Rush Limbaugh Show, June 27, 2013

Music in background throughout.

Woman’s voice: Hear the latest improvement to border security?

Man’s voice: Tough new border enforcement added to immigration reform.

Woman’s voice: The new plan: double the boots on the ground with 20,000 new border patrol agents.

Man’s voice: Hundreds of miles of secure fencing.

Woman’s voice: And state of the art monitoring with every tool available: radar, drones, ground sensors, night vision, you name it. It’s all part of the new plan.

Man’s voice: A strong plan, to secure the border and fix our broken immigration system.

Woman’s voice: Written with help from border patrol agents themselves.

Man’s voice: A tough plan that says illegal immigrants cannot even apply for a green card until 10 years have passed and border security is in place.

Woman’s voice: Americans demanded tough new measures to secure the border.

Man’s voice: And that’s exactly what we got. This is what tough immigration reform looks like.

Woman’s voice: Call Congress. Tell them this is the strong plan we’ve been waiting for.

Man’s voice: Paid for by Americans for a Conservative Direction. [VDARE.com note: I. E. Mark Zuckeberg.]

Again, a complete pack of lies, which will be broadcast repeatedly on conservative talk shows until the next Zuckerberg Ad comes out.

Comrade Zuckerberg can buy all the available ad time without making a dent in his $13 billion Facebook fortune.

The ad, of course, fails to mention that illegal aliens are legalized first, and the alleged border security is all subject to administrative discretion.

Even if any of it is put it place, it won’t happen for many years. Even if more Border Patrol agents are hired, they’re no substitute for a real border fence, as authorized by Congress in 2006 but never built, although the money for the fence ($1.2 billion) was looted by Junior Bush’s Comrade Chertoff for a nonfunctional “virtual fence”.

And even if 400,000 agents were hired–about the number actually needed to patrol the fenceless border–they would do no more than serve as a welcome wagon for illegal aliens, under the current catch and release policy.

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