A Reader In Boston Wonders What Exactly The RNC Represents?
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Washington Watcher’s article Don’t Let Conservatism, Inc Use The IRS Scandals As Cover For Amnesty!

An Anonymous Boston Reader [Email him]

My preferred example of a Gang of Eight member striking a right wing pose to divert attention from his amnesty support it was Lindsey Graham’s demand that the surviving Boston bomber be whisked off to Guantanamo, or some equivalent location, for interrogation.

I have question for you. How did the Republican National Committee come up with its recommendations in the first place? Whom does the RNC represent? Do the House Republicans, who seem solidly against the proposal, have no influence over what the RNC says?

James Fulford writes: In theory, the RNC represents the Republicans as an organized political party. In practice, it tends to be subservient to donor interests, since without donors it wouldn’t exist at all. It’s also so embedded in Beltway culture as to be terminally PC.

As for where it got its stupid recommendations, the Chairman, Reince Priebus, assigned a committee to write a report. [Growth & Opportunity Project, Republican National Committee, March 18, 2013] Of the five people who signed it, the only one I’ve even heard of is former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer. I’m sure they all got paid terrifically good report-writing fees, though. And that answers your question about whom they represent—they represent themselves.

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