An East Indian-American Reader Asks If We Could Concentrate More On Muslims
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Re: A Reader Asks Why We Don't Say MORE About Muslim Immigration

From: An East Indian Reader (Not A Muslim) [Email him]

I saw the letter by the Jewish writer about Muslim immigration, and why you don't mention it more often. As a secular born-and-raised American, and also one whose roots are East Indian, I strongly agree with him, and largely disagree with you. Yes, the horror of Islamic fundamentalism is not at our doorstep, but their intentions are far worse. 

They have no intention of assimilating, and to them destroying non-Muslims, be it seculars, Christians, Jews, etc. is actually something they view as a path to salvation.

It bothers me a lot when my fellow secular Lefties bash the Religious Right, because their attacks are directed almost entirely toward the Christian Right. They have turned a completely blind eye to Islamic fundamentalism.

Muslims' loyalty is only to their God In any conflict around the world, they will blindly back the Muslim side.

Funny, your website is a lot about waking people up—well, I think it's time woke up to the fact that radical Islam is the biggest threat to American security and culture in history.

James Fulford writes: My answer last time was so brief I see no harm in repeating it “No single Mexican or group of Mexicans has ever done anything like the Twin Tower attacks, but multiple murders are frequent, and vehicular manslaughter is epidemic.

But the other point is that there are many, many, conservative organizations, neo-conservative organizations, and possibly a couple of progressive ones that are already talking about this issue at the top of their voices.

For example,  Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Bare Naked Islam, Sultan Knish,  and many more. (The SPLC has helpfully compiled a list of what they call “Active Anti-Muslim Groups” here.) Why should we duplicate what some all these people, some of them well funded, are doing?


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