A Southern Reader Tells Us Not To Listen To What The Candidates Say, Look At Their (Pre-Campaign) Record
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From: Carson Brewer [Email him]

It amazes me that VDARE.com and the MSM are placing so much emphasis on what candidates say during debates. It doesn't matter. It can all be filed under "lies told to get elected." If you want to know how the candidates really feel about an issue, check their press clippings and voting records from at least a year before they entered the current race, the further back the better. Using this method, Ron Paul is much less likely to endorse Affirmative Action and massive Third World immigration to this country than Mitt Romney.

THEY ALL LIE. It's our job to sift through their pasts and find the kernels of truth that might lead to a rational vote.

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Peter Brimelow writes: Of course, it’s true that politicians lie in debates, but they flip-flop in their voting records too—look at Harry Reid! I still think debates are important because the intense public pressure can force politicians to face issues that they’d rather avoid—and sometimes it sticks. For example, Pat Buchanan says he changed his mind on free trade because of his experiences with unemployed Americans on the campaign trail in 1992.

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