A Washington State Reader Writes On Teachers—And Could Write A Lot More
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Re: Steve Sailer's Blog Post Demonizing School Teachers?

From: An Anonymous Reader (e-mail him)

Concerning Sailer's recent exchange on teachers vs. dentists .... dentists do not actively promote tooth decay, while claiming to cure it. 

Don't get me started on teachers, bub. I can go on for days. I mean it.

James Fulford write: Sure, so could we. Peter Brimelow wrote a whole book on the teachers unions in 2003: The Worm in the Apple: How the Teacher Unions Are Destroying American Education . However, the point remains that nowadays teachers are being blamed for the intellectual deficiencies of their students. See Diane Ravitch, "No Child Left Behind", And The Racial Achievement Gap's Kryptonite Cause.
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