A Minnesota Reader Is Confused By An Abbreviation
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Re: James Fulford's Column: Grim Sleepers? MSM And Hollywood Shut Eyes To Black Serial Killers

From: Lynn in Minnesota: [Email her]

Please, what does MSM refer to?

I am in Minnesota, so am not up on your local abbreviations.

James Fulford writes: MSM stands for Main Stream Media, the great liberal hive of opinion represented by conventional media outlets like CBS,NBC, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and similar news organizations where the personnel are likely to be 90+ percent Democratic.  This is in opposition to blogs, online publications, and smaller conservative magazines like American Conservative, American Spectator et cetera. (But NOT National Review.)

Peter Brimelow insists on spelling this out, but I had gotten the idea that everyone knew it by now, even though its use by webjournalists only really started in 2004, with the Dan Rather forgery scandal. Brimelow is right and I’m wrong, not just because of reader Lynn’s confusion, but because you can’t even find out what MSM means by Googling it—the first ten results for MSM don’t lead you to Wikipedia’s page on “mainstream media,” but, unhelpfully, to Methylsulfonylmethane.

In any case, it’s our responsibility as professionals to communicate in such a way that everyone understands us. After all, that’s what our readers are paying us for.

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