A Military Reader Points Out That Giving Dream Act Citizenship To Illegal Soldiers Just Takes More Jobs Away From Americans
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s blog item GOP Florida Debate: An Immigrant/ Mercenary Army?

From: “Spirit Of The Fighting 69th" [Email him]

The Newt and the Mitt haven't been reading the papers.

While the blow dry duo think recruiting foreigners into the military is fine they have missed the new defense budget which calls for cutting the force now and for several years out.  

We have more people than we need; active duty call up orders for the reserves are being cancelled as well.  If the armed forces need to expand a draft can be instituted, Selective Service is still in business. Neither of these two ever wore the uniform and have no idea how the services function, that's the problem with the current administration and its immediate predecessor.

When your own citizens won't sign up it's a sign your policy is wrong.  Hiring foreigners to do the job citizens won't is a sign of decadence.  Considering the objects of Newt's affection in Dream Act Land don't speak English we have the making of an Italian cruise ship disaster.


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