A Southern Illinois Reader Is Unimpressed By Queen Elizabeth
June 11, 2012, 02:36 AM
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Re: Sean Gabb`s article Thoughts on the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee: Sixty Years a Rubber Stamp

From: William Clough [Email him]

For all the media babble about Queen Elizabeth`s 60th anniversary, I believe that she functions in about the same way that Emperor Hirohito did for the Japanese war criminals, as a front man.

Britain over the last fifteen years has been turned into a police state, thanks to vague `hate crime` laws and war mongers like Tony Blair. Has the monarch or her son said anything about what was done in her name? If so, I never heard about it. What about the UK absorbing millions of non-British immigrants? Again,  has she said or done anything?

She seems to me like American Presidents, an empty suit, front men for greedy corporations, crooked zombie banks, and evil multi-culturalists.

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