A Southern Illinois Reader Is Unimpressed By Queen Elizabeth
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Re: Sean Gabb's article Thoughts on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Sixty Years a Rubber Stamp

From: William Clough [Email him]

For all the media babble about Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary, I believe that she functions in about the same way that Emperor Hirohito did for the Japanese war criminals, as a front man.

Britain over the last fifteen years has been turned into a police state, thanks to vague 'hate crime' laws and war mongers like Tony Blair. Has the monarch or her son said anything about what was done in her name? If so, I never heard about it. What about the UK absorbing millions of non-British immigrants? Again,  has she said or done anything?

She seems to me like American Presidents, an empty suit, front men for greedy corporations, crooked zombie banks, and evil multi-culturalists.

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