A Louisiana Reader On The Naked Mexican-American Convicted Of Chasing A Central American Teenage Illegal— He Said He Was "Attempting To Provide Humanitarian Aid"
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From: An Anonymous Louisiana Reader [Email him]

This is how bad it is in south Texas.

There's routine Vehicles Stuffed With Illegal Immigrants (VSWII) And, unfortunately, routine rollovers and accidents involving VSWII You even see immigrants, injured in VSWII accidents .... bolting from ambulances!

We're all aware employers in the U.S. prefer to hire illegals. They can pay less and, generally speaking, an illegal is less likely to "cause trouble."

Imagine those illegals who get across the border but are unable to advance forward into the interior, where the real money is. For many illegals, getting across the border is just the beginning. The U.S. Border Patrol maintains checkpoints along all major roadways running from the border to the interior, usually about 20 or 25 miles in. The area between the border and these interior checkpoints has become fertile ground for exploitation of illegals on their trek north. It usually involves Mexicans abusing Central Americans.

Allan Wall has reported extensively on VDARE of the horrific abuse Central Americans suffer as they pass through Mexico on their way north.

So, we shouldn't be surprised when see this story. While driving on a rural route in the Rio Grande Valley, a well-off Mexican-American sees three illegals from Central American who've just fled a VSWII accident. What does he do? Call the local police? The Border Patrol? Succor them with food and water before wishing them luck on their journey north? No. He takes advantage of the situation and much more....[Emphasis added.]

Naked man chasing girl convicted of immigrant smuggling, The Monitor, June 07, 2012

Federal jurors Thursday convicted a San Juan man in an immigrant smuggling case involving a 16-year-old girl with whom he tried to have sex.

Pedro Salazar, 56, was convicted Thursday of conspiracy and harboring illegal aliens in U.S. District Court in McAllen.

Jurors spent less than three hours deliberating the verdict following a two-day trial.

Prosecutors said a group of three illegal immigrants from El Salvador and Guatemala fled a two-vehicle accident Feb. 24.

After the group hid in the brush for a few hours, they wandered down a road, where Salazar passed and asked if they needed help. They said yes.

Salazar offered to feed the immigrants, but he instead drove them to his restaurant where he put them to work, prosecutors said.

The immigrants painted, set up display cases and shelves, dusted, swept and mopped for six hours before Salazar gave them food, prosecutors said. After that, they performed more chores.

Salazar eventually took the immigrants back to his residence.

The next morning, he woke the two men in the group and told them to paint the gate at his ranch. At the same time, he attempted to sleep with the other member of the immigrant group: a 16-year-old girl.

Naked, Salazar chased the girl around a room and told her she needed to have sex with him or “there would be problems,” prosecutors said in a statement. The girl testified she thought that meant Salazar would call immigration authorities and report her.

The girl testified she told Salazar she would call the police if he tried to have sex with her because she was a minor.

Salazar relented, and the next day, he told the three immigrants to leave.

Salazar's defense tried to convince jurors he was not harboring the immigrants. Rather, he was attempting to provide humanitarian aid.[More]

Lawlessness + open borders = more lawlessness.

“Louisiana Reader” visits the Rio Grande area two or three times a year. See previous letters from him here.

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