Comparative Sentencing in England`s "Increasingly Naked Police State"
May 30, 2012, 07:35 PM
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Compare the sentence given to two black teenagers named Kalee and Precious by a British court in a case where they attacked and viciously beat a 41-year old legal secretary:

Legal secretary attacked by girls who `rained fists` slams court for letting thugs go free 

Kalee and Precious got community service and a fine, and get to go home. The secretary doesn`t feel she got justice.

Another secretary, 42-year old Jacqueline Woodhouse, probably doesn`t feel she got justice either. She got drunk on champagne and shouted at minorities on the subway. A man with a turban captured this on his cellphone camera, and she`s going to jail for five months:

Englishwoman Sentenced To 21 Weeks In Jail For Shouting At Minorities On The Subway

We asked Sean Gabb, Director of Britain`s Libertarian Alliance, who wrote The Persecution Of Emma West for us, about this paradox. He replied tersely: "Increasingly naked police state."