Why Obama Likes Bowing To Colored Monarchs
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A number of blogs found President Obama’s curiously deep bow to the Emperor of Japan very distasteful - for instance Angry White Dude
Ol’ Hussein Hopenchange has done it again. This time he bowed to the Emperor of Japan...a direct descendant of Hirohito. For some reason, he cannot keep from bowing to world leaders...Obama might hate the United States and what it stands for as an individual but once he won the Presidency he represents the entire nation...
We saw Obama refuse to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem on Veteran’s Day at Arlington cemetery as (he) refused to do during the Democratic primaries...He is doing everything wrong. Which tells us he is either very stupid or very determined. I believe it is the latter.

Of course, stupid (maybe foolish would be a better word) and determined is possible.

An Informed technical discussion is here. There was a similar incident with the Saudi King in April.

The analysis advanced by Neo-Neocon is particulary persuasive:

Behind Obama’s bow: making up to Hirohito for past humiliations

I was just reminded of something I’d forgotten, something I should have recalled because, after all, I wrote an article for American Thinker about it.

Back in July, Obama was quoted as having said:

"I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory,’ because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur."

I noted in my article that the scene that so haunted Obama never occurred. But why did it bother Obama so much anyway? Here was my speculation:

"If I had to guess...I’d say that it’s related to what he sees as the humiliation (“coming down”) of a non-white (in this case, an Asian) at the hands of a white American military man...to unconditionally surrender, and then to have his country occupied by the morally despicable US."

So my guess now is that one of the many things that motivated Obama to bow to the present emperor of Japan was to make up just a tiny bit for the terrible humiliation the previous emperor received at the hands of the United States, which had the effrontery to win a war that the Japanese began by their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

What makes Neo-Neocon’s assessment particularly interesting is that she is a professional therapist, trained to think about what motivates people.

As Angry White Dude said, as President, Obama "represents the entire nation”.

This gives him a unique chance to humiliate the entire nation.

Of course it is all in Steve Sailer’s book.

And, despite the frantic efforts of the MSM, white America is waking up to the fact: President Obama dislikes us.

The Democrats need to worry about 2010. (So do the rest of us if the present pile of GOP rubbish is not cleaned up.)

Readers may remember Neo-Neocon's incisive comments on Walter Cronkite’s Tet Offensive betrayal.

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