A Southern California Reader Points Out That The Elites Who Want To Turn American Cities Into "Vibrant" Multicultural Wastelands Don't Want To Live There Themselves
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From: Rob Taylor [Email him]

Just a short question for all the leftists who wanted this invasion of our country: why don't they come and live in the multicultural wastelands they have created?

Where people say they have no sense of community because things are so divided along ethnic lines.

Where people say they don't trust their neighbor because they are of a different ethnic group than them.

 I mean, if this is the utopia they wanted,  then how come they live in gated communities with mostly American neighbors and not with the hordes of invaders they have dumped on hard working Americans?!

I, for one, am tired of all the foreign language signs and of my  fellow citizens bowing to foreign cultures at the expense of our own unique heritage! When will we wake up?   Thanks, VDARE.com for giving me a platform to vent my frustrations.

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