A Reader With Jamaican Supervisors Reports Discrimination Because She's White
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From: Bridget [Email her]

I was finally re-employed at the Board of Education in an Eastern city after another long year without work. Iwas the only one from the year before that was asked to come back.

There was a lot of discrimination against white employees born in the United States and favors and promotion given to any one born on the island of Jamaica.

When I reappeared, a girl who was promoted from last year was not happy to see that I had been rehired and did everything possible to make my working there very stressed. No matter how hard I tried, she just did not like me and treated me like dirt.

The woman in charge is another one who had no respect for our laws and how to talk to a person without putting fear in everyone she talked to or belittling them in front of others.

How is this possible that the city does not seem to care that people who are born here are being replaced with people who hate America and think we are stupid.

I was let go because I finally had it and told them "Who the f—do they think they are, that this is not their country and that we have laws on how to talk to our workers."

I was so mad at the way they treat people. I was not going to stand there and let them put me down when I was a good worker and was there to work, not put up with their sh-t and their dislike that I'm white.

I needed this job and it killed me that I was pushed to this point.

They were shock, because I am 55 years old and 4 foot 11 inches—next to these goons.

I am shocked that we have no rights when it comes to people with a Green Card taking over our jobs that we need so badly.

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