A South Carolina Reader Wonders Why It's Wrong To Have Immigrants Who Look Like Pre-1965 Americans
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Re: Peter Brimelow's column Bachmann Right, Washington Post (And Treason Lobby) Wrong, About Pre-1965 Immigration System

From: Lee [Email him]

In this column, the Washington Post is quoted:

"Ms. Bachmann’s nostalgia is touching but misplaced, unless she really pines for a return to laws that explicitly favored white immigrants from a handful of Northern European countries while excluding or disadvantaging Jews, Asians, Africans and practically everyone else."

First of all, WPost, that would be "Mrs. Bachmann", not "Ms." She is, after all, a married woman who chose to have five children, and is still married to the biological father of those five. Thus she is certainly not a "Ms"—someone who is married but perhaps likes to have one foot in the married world but one foot at least partially out.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with Americans wanting immigration to be restricted only to the central and northern European ethnicity. That is, after all, the ethnicity—the nation—that founded this country and did by far the most to make it what it rose to be. How does such a restriction "disadvantage" other races? Does it prevent them, in any way, building up their ancestral home countries and creating good lives for themselves there in the process? There is an underlying assumption in our present era, to the effect that the white race cannot, anywhere on this planet, be allowed have a patch of territory that is exclusively its own. Even those places that always were (Denmark, for example), have been made to cease to be. The Korean ethnicity has one, as do the Japanese, Han, Negro, Arab, Malay and others. Will anyone on the left, anywhere, explain head-on to me why we cannot? This leftist-imposed restriction disadvantages us.

Let's strip the mask off the left and get to their bottom line. I say the left wants the nonwhite immigration so that, generation-by-generation, interbreeding between the whites and nonwhites will increasingly occur, thus eventually erasing the white northern European ethnicity from the face of the earth. In addition to the more short-term goal of importing leftist voters, that is an absolute, conscious, goal of theirs. I already understood it, but as if to confirm, Tom Hayden stated exactly that at hi?s? ?s?o?n?'?s? ??w?e?d?d?i?n?g? ?t?o? ?a? ?b?l?a?c?k? ?w?o?m?a?n in 2007. [Jane Fonda's Son's Wedding Sounds Like It was Treally Awkward, by Willa Paskin, New York Magazine, May 2 2011]

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