A Milwaukee Reader Wants Us To Bash Rick Perry—We Promise To Continue Doing So
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Re:Washington Watcher's article  Rick Perry—Another Texas Governor for Amnesty

From: Anonymous in Milwaukee, WI [Email him]

When are we going to see some articles on Rick Perry's open borders history? I have people describe Governor Perry as another George W. Bush and as a conservative I believe Perry would be as big a disaster as G. W. Bush if he is elected president. This is particularly true concerning immigration reform and securing our borders and ports. Let's get the word out on this guy who is progressive in sheep's clothing

James Fulford writes: I emailed  the writer to say that we've already done several, of which Rick Perry—Another Texas Governor for Amnesty by Washington Watcher, is probably the definitive exposé, but see also

and many more.

That being said, it's not our job to bash or praise any one candidate or party. We promise to remain non-partisan and even-handed, attacking everyone, and being hard to please.

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