A Reader In Australia Compliments Us On Our Redesign
September 19, 2011, 03:16 AM
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Re: Site Redesign

From: A Reader In Australia[Email him]

Just wanted to say: good work on the redesigned website. This looks much better; more professional than the previous layout.

Your logo is also an improvement; the image conveys a higher level of credibility. If I had the funds, I`d contribute some more to your organization, but alas I just can`t afford it at present.

Nevertheless, the service you provide is invaluable. The Conservative movement would be far poorer without you.

James Fulford writes: Always glad to see a letter like this, and, yes, we`ve had several of the other kind in response to the redesign. But one positive  response is worth several negative ones, because most of the satisfied readers don`t feel the need to write, whereas every dissatisfied reader does.