A South Carolina Reader Asks: Is The GOP Headed To The Ditch Again With Perry?
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From: Lee [Email him]

I so hope that I will be proven wrong, but I see the GOP running headlong, with its eyes closed, right toward the ditch again. Remember 2008? GOP presidential primary voters totally rejected Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter, giving their votes instead to Mike Huckabee (as governor he was an advocate of in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens) and John McCain (of amnesty fame) and Mitt Romney (seemingly disinterested in the subject of immigration). As if to vindicate my Spenglerian/Derbyshirean pessimism, now there seems to be a major enthusiasm for Rick Perry.

  1. Rick Perry favors DREAM Act amnesty. He has said that deportation of these young "Texans" is not what America is about.

  2. As governor, Rick Perry favored lower in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens.

  3. Rick Perry is opposed to the construction of a formidable barrier against illegal entry along the US-Mexican border.

George W, but without the North Eastern roots.  Just what we need in the White House.

I think that if Rick Perry is nominated, a case can be made for voting to re-elect Hussein Obama. With Obama, we get open borders and a weak economy. With Perry, we get open borders and a much stronger economy. Which is likely to act as a more powerful magnet to immigrants—legal and illegal?

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