A Chicago Reader Replies To The Prospective 54th President
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From: Mike Mozart [Email him]

Since the Nigerian teenager called me racist and ignorant in his response to my letter, I thought I'd reply to his charges and try to educate the youngster

First of all, if you're going to call someone a racist, it would behoove you and your claim if there's an actual racist statement to point to. I challenge you to point out one racist statement in my letter. Before poring over my words to find something that's not there, please look up and comprehend the actual meaning of racism. You may learn something

Secondly, your statement that deems American ideals as "tolerance and acceptance" is laughable at best. “Tolerance and acceptance” have nothing to do with American ideals. American ideals encompass freedom from oppressive government, personal responsibility, a fair chance for all, a right to hold individual beliefs and overall freedom itself

Those rights which are bestowed upon every American also comes with a responsibility, which every American must uphold, to be diligent in the pursuit of our freedoms, watch over our beloved Republic and keep those who would harm it in check

As far as your racial aspect regarding tolerance and acceptance, the main American ideal within that specific context is the "melting pot, many into one". Understand what that means. It means many differing ethnicities, languages, cultures and mores all melt into one, the American culture, language and mores. That is the only way to insure a working and viable society, anything less is chaos. It's worked since our Republic was founded. One only has to look to history to see that multicultural societies have failed miserably time after time

It's only in modern times with the inception of the nation-destroying cult of liberalism and multiculturalism that our viable society begun to break down.

Why should Americans, or any nation for that matter, tolerate or accept something they don't agree with or find distasteful? What kind of ideal is that? In my book, that's passivity and cowardice. And that always leads to the destruction of what you hold dear.

Protecting your interests and what you hold dear isn't racism, it's human nature and it's a normal part of life. Every human being (except white liberals) and every animal on this earth does just that each day they're alive. The weak and passive always get conquered. And there's no amount of liberal/progressive Kumbaya nonsense that can change that fact of life

Wake up kid, and start to think for yourself

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