A South Carolina Reader Blames LBJ And The Voters Who Elected Him In 1964
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Re: A.W. Morgan's article Federal Government Electing A New Virginia

From: Lee [Email him]

I understand the basic accuracy of "And none of us were asked." the last sentence of AW Morgan's article. Yet previous generations of white Americans made appallingly stupid choices and inflicted this terrible—and worsening—situation on all succeeding generations of whites.  My parents' and grandparents' generations (I'm 52) are to blame.

Their first unforgivable error was in electing Lyndon Johnson to the presidency in 1964.  This ogre, who had been a leading advocate in the movement for amnesty for illegal aliens (the great majority of whom were la raza) during the 1950s, signed into law the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, which opened the gates of OUR country to strangers from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The progress Dwight Eisenhower made with "Operation Wetback" was therefore just a short-term gain that has been more than wiped out.  Then, once this 1965 Immigration Act was under debate in Congress, did my parents' or grandparents' generation of Americans flood congressional offices with letters and phone calls, daring the members not to vote against this legislation?  If they had, it would never have gotten out of committee. 

No, the overwhelming majority of the public paid little or no attention.  I guess they had more important matters to attend—to the point that worrying about their posterity didn't rank as worth five minutes in the course of a day.

Some past generations of Americans fought a war to gain independence.  By the 1960s, the living generations of adults were so lackadaisical that, to protect this country for future generations of their kind, they could not be bothered to write two or three warning-letters per day to Congress members for a few weeks (warning their own that they would vote against them, and warning others that they would contribute to their challengers, in the next election, if they did not vote against this monstrosity).  With their lack of any care they visited a ruinous curse on their shrinking posterity.

With Lyndon Johnson—whose desire to flood our country with nonwhites was clearly and abundantly manifest during the 1950s for all who were interested in seeing, to see—being on the presidential ballot in 1964, whites were, in effect, asked.  And they said "Fine".  Contemptible irresponsible fools.

See a previous letter from Lee here.

James Fulford writes: I agree with Lee that Lyndon Johnson was a disaster. However, he was elected as a result of the assassination of JFK—Americans at that time weren't willing to have three presidents in the space of a year.

Yes, it would have been better if Goldwater had been elected, but there's no reason for the American people to have expected the astonishing amount of immigration, now expected to lead to whites becoming a minority in fairly short order.

And when it came time to pass the Immigration Act of 1965, they were simply lied to. See So Much for Promises - Quotes Re 1965 Immigration Act, By Joe Fallon.

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