VDARE.com Replies To A Letter From The Prospective 54th President (Nigerian-American)
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From: A Nigerian Teenager Living In Virginia [Email him]

Re: A Chicago Reader Can Understand Why Minority Leaders Behave As They Do—But What About White Liberals?

You are racist and ignorant and I'm sad that the American ideals of acceptance and tolerance don't apply to you.

Also in reply to A Florida Reader Points Out That Most Illegal Immigrant Fruit Pickers Can Be Replaced By Machines

And you are an uncheerful, hateful, and not a word of niceness or respect. And since when is English the official language of our (and the Native Americans) great country?

James Fulford writes: When a reader decides not to publish his or her email, or we decide for them, as in this case, the email address in Email him  is [email protected], which means it comes to me, as Letters Editor.

That's what happened with the emails from this young man. Googling his real name, which I have suppressed above because of his youth, I discover that he's Nigerian-American, may have actually been born in the US, goes to good schools in Virginia, and has an iPhone.

That makes him one of the privileged immigrant elite whom Lani Guinier complained were displacing regular black Americans from their Affirmative Action slots at Harvard—kind of like Barack Obama.

His thinking, such as it is, is 100 percent conventionally liberal. And that makes him, given 20 years or so, a possible 54th President. He'll be at least as qualified as Obama was.

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