A South Carolina Reader Sends Us A Comment Unpublished By National Review
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Re: Peter Brimelow's Bill Buckley, Chris Buckley, And The American Conservative Movement's Missing Second Act

From "Lee"[Email him]

I am an avid reader of National Review and VDare.com.  I contribute to VDare.com via substantial Amazon.com purchases [Peter Brimelow growls: this facility is currently on hold because of the sales tax fight between Amazon and several states including Connecticut]; I do not contribute to National Review.  In response to an NR article of Friday June 24, entitled "Putting the Wilders Win in Context" [By Nina Shea], I wrote the following comment. 

Whether their "moderators" did not post my comment because they receive an unmanageable flood of them and must be selective, or because they disapproved of what I wrote, I do not know. But here, in italics, is the comment they did not post:

"This phenomenon of non-European immigration and then destruction of indigenous Dutch rights to accommodate the sensitivities of the foreign newcomers, is part-and-parcel of the suicide Oswald Spengler noted that all of the great cultures of mankind gradually commit during their highly irreligious, rootless and urbanized final stage. 

"The collapsed birthrate, the importation of people of alien culture and alien race who will gradually replace us, a relentless tearing down of all the old societal structures, institutions, forms, traditions and ethos of the culture's highly successful past—I am 52 and I have observed precisely that going on in North America and Europe all my post-childhood life.  Der Untergang des Abendlandes—The Decline Of The West. "

I suspect that the part I underlined (which I did not underline in the comment I sent to NR) is what they may not have liked.  Whites objecting to that (vehemently despising it, in my case) are part of what distinguishes VDARE.com from NR.

James Fulford writes: The job of "moderator" is usually given to 20-year old intern. This intern, seeing Spengler's Decline Of The West written in German [Der Untergang des Abendlandes] probably thought it was some secret Nazi code.

Spengler was actually anti-Nazi, but try and explain it to a 20-year old. While "Untergang des Abendlandes" is usually translated as "Decline Of The West", a more literal translation would be something like "The Going Under Of The Evening Lands", which has a very poetic, Tolkien-like sound—unless it's actually happening.

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