A Jewish Reader In New York Says Israel Has The Perfect Immigration Solution: Deport Aliens!
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From: Mike Berman (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Robert Novak: Old Atlantic Lighthouse Votes No

The best way to confront Jews on the National Question who call restrictionists "xenophobic demagogues" and who use the "My-grandparents-from-Russia-were-good-for-this country-so-all-immigration-is-good" argument should be to remind them of Israel's own immigration policy.

Recently, Israel's special police unit "Oz" detained 600 illegal aliens for questioning, arrested 400, deported 120 and received assurances from 700 more to leave the country voluntarily. [Crackdown Begins: 400 Illegal Entrants Arrested, by Mayaana Miskin, Israel National News, July 23, 2009]

When Jews worry about their own country, they behave in Israel's best interests just like America should.

Berman describes himself as "a community organizer," similar to BHO, except not a black extortionist who is looking to redistribute white wealth to blacks.

He co-organized the Preserving Western Civilization conference and runs a similarly themed monthly discussion group in New York.

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