A California Reader Wants To Know How Amnestied Aliens Will Be Required To Learn English
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From: William Constable (e-mail him)

All three presidential candidates promise that one requirement in any amnesty plan would be that illegal aliens already in the U.S. learn English

I keep hoping that someone in the media will press them on just exactly how this will happen. 

Would each and every illegal alien be given a certain time period to become English proficient? And what if they refuse or flunk the test?  Deportation? 

Would the newly-elected president propose a massive government program to teach illegal aliens English, paid for by the U.S. taxpayer?  

How could every alien be forced to take English lessons?  And even if they attend class, how could anyone even begin to teach, for instance, a 45- year- old Mexican campesino who has at most one or two years of schooling in Mexico?

Millions of Mexican nationals don't even know how to read or write Spanish. There are millions of illegal Hispanics who have no intention of learning English and have utter contempt for our language. 

Our sanctuary cities have so many Spanish-speakers that most of them don't see any need to learn English. 

Sen. McCain's, Obama's, and Clinton's hollow statements about English are just one example of the unrealistic amnesty schemes that they would push on the American people,   

Constable is an airline pilot living in Southern California and a registered member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. His previous letters wondering why the ACLU isn't defending border patrol agents Jose Ramos and Ignacio Compean and UAE censorship of VDARE.COM are here and here.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Constable is 100 percent correct. And the failure of the MainStream Media to press the candidates for details on how exactly millions of illegal aliens would learn English shows just how shallow immigration reporting is. Obviously, trying to teach millions of non-English speakers would be a colossal, costly venture—and ultimately futile.

What would happen is, I suspect, something similar to what occurred in 1986. Aliens would be directed to an adult education classroom, mandated to spend a few hours in school and presto—given a certificate that declares that they can speak English even though they cannot. 

For a look at my personal from-the-front perspective as a twenty-two year veteran English as a second language instructor, read my column here, keyed to Sen. McCain's claim that illegal immigrants would be required to learn English as a condition of their amnesty.

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