A Reader Writes On Duluth's Anti-Whiteness Campaign
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post Minnesota Tax Dollars At Work

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I suggest you add a link for your readers to Lawrence Auster's decisive commentary on Duluth's anti-whiteness campaign, here:

 Pure anti-whiteness—and the racial conservatism that is needed to oppose it

The “anti-white-skin privilege” campaign that was started last year by the mayor and the municipal government of Duluth, Minnesota (see our discussions about it) has now been adopted by the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and, under the title “Not Fair to Be White,” it is more insidious than ever. Its formal claim, promoted through video ads, is that whites enjoy unfair white skin privilege, because this society was set up by and for the benefit of whites. But what the campaign is really saying is that whites are racist—i.e., whites are repulsively morally wicked—simply and purely by virtue of being white, because of the unfair privileges that whiteness carries with it.

 White Privilege

However, on an even deeper though unconscious level, what these quintessentially white-liberal, anti-white videos and billboards are saying is that whites really are superior—inherently superior—to other races, particularly to blacks, in intelligence, in looks, in the fineness of their vibrations, in every way; and since any inequality is unfair, it is unfair to be white.[More]


James Fulford writes: What struck me about those ads is that they're literally pornographic. There is a style of pornography intended to be degrading to women, in which the women have words like "slut" written on their naked bodies—or so I've heard.

So these videos not only mean to degrade white people, but to degrade them sexually.

I mention it because it wouldn't occur to Auster or many of our readers, who have never seen anything like that, but it would occur to the twenty-something communications majors who made these pictures and videos, and also most of their target  audience.

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