A Reader Writes On Chicago's Plan To Move Blacks To The White Suburbs
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post ATLANTIC: “How Chicago Is Trying to Integrate Its Suburbs”

From: An Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]

I have just read Steve Sailer's piece on Chicago "helping" blacks by moving them to the suburbs. As Steve notices this is a huge crock. Mayor Richie Daley dropped Cabrini Green and the Robert Taylor Homes like a bad habit. They were in prime locations; especially the Robert Taylor Homes as they were right off the lake. Studio apartments just north of those projects routinely rent for $4000.00 a month or more due to the view and lake proximity.

When they gave those "low income" residents the boot, out of the dilapidated projects, they quickly sprung up in north suburb low income areas. In the early 2000's low income areas of Prospect Heights and Wheeling went from majority illegal Mexicans to majority gang banger blacks in a summer. Even as far away as Kenosha, Wisconsin received a ton a new "vibrant" black people who quickly took over neighborhoods dropping property values dramatically in the process while crime skyrocketed.

Blacks have for quite some time now had suburban towns to call their own. Off the top of my head I can think of Maywood, Bellwood, Stone Park, and Melrose Park. All of these towns border Chicago. Not that long ago these were great white neighborhoods crushed by white flight. Now you can buy a house in Maywood for less than a one bedroom condo in most other neighborhoods. They destroyed the infrastructure the same way Mexicans destroyed the once white suburbs of Cicero and Berwyn.

The low income black lady in Steve's article complains about having to move to Glenview, IL—on a Section 8 Voucher, which means my tax dollars. She can't find a church she likes and her friends don't visit. Does she know how many white men would like to be able to move their families to Glenview? But they’d have to pay for themselves.

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